Gae is currently working from her home studio. 


Gae Helton

In 2015 Gae retired from printing and began creating acrylic nature paintings. She was included in several online shows, winning Best of Show in International Gallery Of The Arts, Natures Beauty Contest.

Previous Projects

Gae Helton CV


2020 - Dayton Police Family Violence Center murals.
2018 - Studio space and Art Off participation.

Art Fellow

DVAC’s Artist Fellowship - 18 Dayton area artists to watch. 


In 2003 ClockPrints came about as a combination of Gae’s digital skills and a friend’s woodworking specialty - clocks. Gae learned how to use Photoshop and Illustrator to create the textures, brush strokes and artwork. She gained experience with photography, website design and giclée prints. ClockPrints is a listed supplier for several Popular Woodworking projects. 

Digital Art

Gae attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh at a time when this was also a fine art education. The commercial art background landed a position as a prepress technician. The prepress industry moved into the computer era and knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator became a necessity. A short stint as a retoucher for a fine art printer sparked an extreme interest in creating fine art. As it had been years since Gae had painted, she began using Photoshop as her canvas, building on what she had learned designing clock face backgrounds. Gae developed techniques for creating colorful palettes and natural textures, which could be distorted and cutout to create fanciful illustrations or bold abstract shapes.

Southeastern Indiana Art Guild

From 2007 to 2010 Gae was involved with the Southeastern Indiana Art Guild. Gae contributed digital art, photography and watercolors to SIAG’s quarterly shows, helped with hanging shows, and started SIAG’s online presence.

Additional CLasses and Associations

Art Academy of Cincinnati - Watercolor with Ken Buck
Art Institue of Cincinnati - Web Design
5 years - Southeastern Indiana Art Guild
6 month studio - Pendelton Art Center
Member DVAC’s Artist Fellowship - the Ohio Arts Council