From a very young age my father instilled in me a love of nature. Painting the natural world allows me to share my love of the outdoors and the beauty that I find. The act of painting reveals such an incredibly intimate view of the exquisite detail in God’s creations.



Gae Helton

I am currently working in acrylic, I am enjoying the give and take, the ability to make changes on canvas. I feel more immersed in the acrylic medium than I did with the totally planned technique I was using with watercolor. Some subject matter has caused me to choose oils over acrylics.

My Art

TRaditional Mediums

The palpable sensation of brush sliding paints on canvas, the scrape of graphite on textured paper as light and depth appear out of a flat void.  Each piece building on the last, adding techniques, learning from mistakes.  I am finally building a cohesive body of work, delving into the natural world.  Bringing overlooked details into sharp focus  as my experiences with nature are retold in oils, acrylics or graphite. 
Come share my walk in the woods.

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Glass Mosaics

Cutting, shaping my own puzzle pieces. Woodworker, tile layer, jeweler.
Fun with glitter.

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Digital Art

Backlash to the restricted creative space of round/square, fit it in the corners, around the numbers, world of clock face décor – Art Abstract art is a therapeutic, creative outlet where emotions and creativity are not restricted. Colors, patterns, textures or photographs were launching pads to freeform designs. Gradually I moved to cut outs and twisting transformations of images creating 
representative illustrations. Eventually, I began mimicking traditional painting methods and textures.

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My work as a 20 year Photoshop professional lead to an interest in photography. My own photography is used as a reference for most of my fine art.

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Years of working in Photoshop and Illustrator combined with a friend’s woodworking hobby.  Clocks became a favorite project.  It is fascinating to build something that moves and works.  Constant reference during the day for the time gives a continual appreciation of the design  and craftsmanship. With our second clock I began using Photoshop and Illustrator  to design custom faces. ClockPrints came about to share these designs  and soon many more styles followed. This creative outlet allowed me to help others create something beautiful and useful. Working with Craftsman designs  was a delightful past time and a favorite with my customers.

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