Darren Hāper Invitational:
3 Feet

✔ Your multiple artwork pieces must fit in a 3 sq ft area.
✔ Each piece within the 3 sq ft must be the same size, example all 4"x4"'s, 6"x6"'s, 6"x12"'s, etc. (6" x 9")
✔Ideally, there will be 50 - 100 pieces of your artwork for the board members to choose from. (39 done)
✔ The board would appreciate if you were a member of Dayton Society of Artists.

“to achieve 50 peices I will need to make 3' x 6' of art for the judges to choose from”

Snail mosaic

Stained glass mosaic (Ghosted sections have sold)
6W x 9H